Global Leader in Apparel Manufacturing

LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing is one of the leading apparel manufacturers in the world. With manufacturing plants in Mainland China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, the total annual manufacturing production capacity is over 208,000,000 pieces.


LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing is certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. It is also awarded with WWF Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) Platinum, as well as other international accolades such as SGS SA 8000, GOTS, GSV, SQP, WCA, ISO 9001 for its efforts in chemical control, fire and structural safety, protection against children labour, and more.

Annual Overview


Metric Tonnes of CO2e Emission reduced


kWh of energy use saved 


M3 of water use reduced


M3 of natural gas conserved


Since 1975, LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing has been actively expanding its supply chain network along the Belt & Road region with factories and offices set up in Mainland China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, shaping up its infrastructure and labour force in the region.

Sustainability Initiatives

Energy Conservation & Efficiency

LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing strives to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases emission in the production process. In addition to machinery and equipment upgrades, new energy-saving measures were also adopted in our facilities, enhancing our overall performance on energy efficiency.

Water Conservation and Recycling

As an early mover, LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing has actively adopted new technologies and invested in infrastructure to manage water resources effectively. Water-processing equipment and wastewater treatment systems are upgraded in order to maximize the use of recycled water and reduce water consumption in our production line.

Resources Conservation and Efficiency

LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing has taken steps in minimizing carbon footprints by adopting a multi-pronged approach, such as switching boiler fuel to natural gas and biofuel, installing solar panels, and fully upgrading general lighting system.

Improving Productivity

Newly adopted automatic machines and systematic management policies improved the overall production efficiency and accuracy, while reducing production time, manpower, and yield loss.

Awards & Accolades

For years, LAWSGROUP Apparel Manufacturing has dedicated efforts and resources in enhancing the working environment and fulfilling different international sustainability standards, which being recognized with different awards and accolades.