The Next Retail Concept

LAWSGROUP incorporated the concept of CSV into its retailing model, introducing unique concept stores THE BARN, Zaap Zok and more.

The barn lifestyle store

Collaborated with Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Design Gallery, LAWSGROUP Retail & Branding sets up THE BARN Lifestyle Store as an additional measure to support entrepreneurship. THE BARN provides a comprehensive consignment service to support startups that are not yet ready to operate their own retail shop on a full-time basis.

THE BARN, 2/F, D2 Place TWO

Zaap6 Zok3, 1/F, D2 Place ONE


To reinforce the mission of “Made in Hong Kong” and “Top 10 Artisans Award” in recognizing and supporting excellent local designs, Zaap Zok offers a unique platform with exhibition spaces and consignment services for local artists and designers to showcase their creativity. Exhibitions and workshops are organized regularly to promote creativity to the public.

Powerplay Arena

With the first-ever indoor kart racing as well as a wide range of fascinating and exciting games, PowerPlay Arena gives all customers an exceptional gaming experience.

PowerPlay Arena, 2/F, D2 Place TWO



Headquartered in Hong Kong, bossini is a leading apparel brand with extensive retail stores around the world. The brand offers a full range of high quality and good value apparel products, which are designed to fit all customers’ needs.


Gallery of Apparel, Textile & Embroidery (gaTe) is a platform dedicated to promote the heritage and sustainability of local textile and garment industry. Featured with regular exhibitions, workshops and product showcases, gaTe is committed to preserving traditional craftsmanship and bridging local talents to international platforms.

Gallery of Apparel Textile & Embroidery



hoopla is a new design brand founded by a group of passionate fashion designers. The brand aspires to create bold and remarkable textile and lifestyle products, indulging the senses of contemporary art and lifestyle.